susan playfair

GE News, July 1974

"A feeling of abandonment has pervaded GEC lately. Muffled and confused statements echo the thoughts of many GEC employees –

where is that Playfair girl…who solved a myriad of problems, artistically decorated GEC's Blackburn offices and the new Extrion building, and promoted the Unipolygongun…

Ms. is to become Mrs.…GEC friends and employees gave Susan a farewell soiree…"

gloucester engineering

Gloucester Engineering was the feature story in the November 1971 issue of Industry

Entitled Plastic Recycling a Reality At Last,
Susan authored the feature article on how scientists at GEC debunked the theory that plastics could not be reclaimed and then built a machine to do just that.


Director of Corporate Communications

After Goodbody's demise, I was out of work until I learned that a company designing and building machinery for the plastics industry planned to build a new plant and offices in Gloucester, MA. Thanks to a confluence of factors, I got the job to design and supervise construction of the building's interior.

Once the design work was completed and the employees had moved in, the partners asked me to stay on to become their Director of Public Relations. The company had just gone public, and I was able to draw on my experience at Goodbody to interface with the financial community.

My new job also allowed me to hone my writing skills in the creation of operations manuals for the company's machines, press releases, and articles for industry publications.

When Gloucester Engineering introduced the Unipolycon shrink gun to its line, I was also assigned the job of marketing and distribution of the new product.

Today, post-9/11, it's hard to imagine that the airlines regularly permitted me to carry a flame-shooting gun coast-to-coast as it accompanied me in the passenger compartment en route to industry trade shows.


industry magazine

Cover: Superimposed against
an accumulation of plastic
scrap, Vice President Ingvar E. Tornberg of Gloucester Engineering Company displays plastic pellets reclaimed by the firm's Vertruder 4500 machine. (story page 17)